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Travelling is our biggest passion and collaboration with different hotels around the world took us to the most amazing places and mostly important to so many incredible people that with time became our friends. This February we decided to visit Tulum in Mexico for two reasons,  Ana’s birthday and a wonderful collaboration with a Bardo Hotel, beautiful oasis in the middle of jungle. We fell in love immediately in Tulum’s vibe, positive energy and a very kind people. Yoga and Meditation classes are organized literally everywhere so we enjoyed every morning in those activities. We eat plant based diet and for us traveling can be pretty challenging but for sure not in Tulum :) Delicious vegan food was available at every corner and it’s a very common lifestyle over there.

The white sand, palm trees and 30 degrees in February felt like a heaven.

Our collaboration with Bardo Hotel was a dream as the whole Team is unbelievably kind, creative and passionate about their work so we felt like at home from the moment we arrived. Art Team was invited to create content for hotel’s communication so we created videos, we filmed under water, with drone, two different cameras and every corner is so beautiful that we couldn’t stop creating :) We also photographed a loot as the Hotel is super photogenic so as the whole Tulum actually.

Tulum was a dream in terms of inspiration as business owners understand the importance of investment in digital communication and social media so content is very qualitative and beautiful. Every shop, restaurant, hotel, people that provide different services have amazing digital strategy and constant online communication.

We came back in Europe full of positive energy and different perspective on life and business. Thanks Tulum for expending our minds and fulfilling our hearts.